Connection during COVID-19

Living life during this time of COVID-19 has been stressful to say the least.  While there are different wellness tools that I use to maintain my recovery, I’m finding that “staying connected” is the one habit that makes the most difference for me.

What exactly do I mean by connection? I’m talking about an abstract entity that cannot be seen, but can be felt emotionally.

When I’m closely connected to someone, I feel happy to simply be in their presence. It brings up feelings of safety and support; the feeling that I can be myself and still be accepted. I feel eager to engage with the person who I feel connected with. Connection has been one of the main ways that much of my healing has happened. Some of my deepest wounds took place within the context of different relationships in my past.  Therefore, it is within connection to others that my emotional wellness is most nourished.

COVID-19 has made it necessary that we physically stay away from each other as much as possible for the safety of all of us. Social distancing is difficult for me because part of what keeps me well, is no longer available now.  Physically spending time with people, hugs and exchanging warm vibes with others are regular things I used to do for my wellness. I am a people-person who derives joy from being with others.  Now, more than ever, I keep up with texts to friends on a regular basis. Thankfully, I am privileged to have the luxury of the technology that is required to keep “virtually” connected; apps like Zoom, Simple Practice and FaceTime. I look forward to daily shift briefs at work so that I can “see” my teammates, whom I miss. I look forward to the family time we have scheduled virtually.  I also continue to regularly go to therapy, spend time with friends and even receive personal training through the use of these apps. I am so grateful for having the means to keep up with these important habits that improve my wellness in many other dimensions.

For other suggestions on how to maintain your wellness during this pandemic, please look at the March Words of Wellness newsletter, available via https://cspnj.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/WoW-vol-12-no-4-special-2020-1.pdf