A Fresh Perspective

“Even among the hardships there are moments worth smiling about and looking for them can only make us feel better. Glimpses of beauty, whether a bluebird flitting past on a morning walk or the smile on a child’s face, call us to be present. By acknowledging delight and joy, no matter how fleeting, we are connecting with where we are right at that moment. Paying attention to something good.” –Grace Mattern

Perspective is the word that changed my life. When I was in situations I felt discontent about, especially in early recovery, I was told to change my perspective. My mind is naturally wired to look for the negative in people and situations. When someone told me about changing my perspective I began to see that I was the only one standing in the way of my joy and happiness. I had to get out of the way to allow myself to be open to new experiences and feelings. Once I did, I began to see scary and uncomfortable situations under a new light. I always try to look down at my two feet and remind myself that I am here, right now. The past is history, the future is nowhere to be seen but, the present is beautiful and ready for you.

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