This Is How We Do It: Wellness Webinar Series

We cordially invite you to join New Jersey Peer Recovery’s (NJPR) Wellness Webinar series to learn more about the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

The wellness model uses a holistic approach for addiction recovery.  Wellness is a conscious, deliberate process that requires us to be aware of and make healthy positive choices that contribute to a more satisfying lifestyle

We at NJPR know what recovery is and what recovery is not. Each of us walk the road to wellness and we do not negate the fact that every dimension needs watering: physically, socially, emotionally, financially, spiritually, intellectually, environmentally and occupationally. In order to work with others, we strive to maintain a balance ourselves.

Every Wednesday, beginning in September, we will each share our experience in each of the specific 8 wellness dimensions.

Please join us to learn more about us and the overall importance of how the wellness lens impacts our recovery. To receive the webinar’s link & password, please register at njpeerrecovery@ubhc.rutgers.edu.

Wellness Wednesday Webinars
Schedule of Events

Sept 9th 2:30 pm Host: Jass Overview of Wellness: What do you do for your wellness
Sept 16th 2:30 pm Host: Wande Emotional Wellness
Sept 23rd 2:30 pm Host: Crystal Social Wellness
Sept 30th 2:30 pm Host: Steve Physical Wellness
Oct 7th 2:30 pm Host: Robert Spiritual Wellness
Oct 14th 2:30 pm Host: Eden Financial Wellness
Oct 21st 2:30 pm Host: Arielle Occupational Wellness
Oct 28th 2:30 pm Host: Jenna Environmental Wellness
Nov 4th 2:30 pm Host: Ramzy Intellectual Wellness

Download a copy of the schedule to share or post in a convenient spot so you won’t forget what is coming up next!

Download Schedule PDF