My name is Eden and I’m a Peer Support Specialist with NJ Peer Recovery. Because of some early life trauma I experienced as a child, I struggled with depression and self-loathing. I hated myself. I used food, alcohol and drugs to numb the daily pain. As time passed, what used to be the perfect solution, became my biggest problem. Finally, I became willing to do anything to stop this lifestyle.

I decided to try A.A. again, since I had seen friends get sober so I knew it was possible. In hindsight, I can see that I wasn’t ready for recovery the first time. Self-reflection, relationships with sponsors, peers and therapists have all played a part in my recovery. I am loved and supported by my great family. I maintain regular connection with a select few who keep me honest, informed and centered. I take medication for my depression, ADD and cholesterol issues. I use exercise to keep my mind and body healthy. I do many things for my wellness and maintenance of my sobriety so that I continue to live a happy, productive non-perfect life.

After 25 years of recovery, I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish. After a 40-year long career in the fashion industry, I am now entering a new profession in peer support. I was just accepted into a graduate program. I’m ready to continue to build on my strengths and experiences to help others. I love taking the calls we get at NJPR. Just know that when you call our line, you’ll be speaking with someone who knows your pain and has found a way through to the other side. I believe that through human connection, the healing starts.